About the sport...

What is FootGolf?

It is a new sport that requires power and precision. Players kick a soccer ball into a 21" cup in as few kicks as possible. The name 'FootGolf' is a portmanteau of the word "football" and the word "golf". The sport is played with very similar rules of Golf, the main difference is that players kick a soccer ball instead of the players striking a golf ball with an iron club.

Where can I play?

Currently Eagle Springs Golf Club (Public) and Forest Hills Country Club (Private) are the only options in the St. Louis area. With the help of the USFGA (United States Footgolf Association), sponsors, and you as players, we are looking to find ways to have more golf courses join our new sport.

What equipment do I need?

We play with a FIFA Regulated #5 ball or a #4 soccer ball if you are under 11 years old.

What is the proper attire?

Remember our Missouri native Payne Stewart? Well, that is the idea, think about golf attire from the 20's, ever since FootGolf was invented in the late 90's, the trademark has been to wear knee high argyle socks, shorts and polo shirt for official tournaments of the USFGA. For regular play, we suggest you follow the proper golf attire for the golf course where you are playing and leave the soccer cleats at home. Absolutely NO soccer cleats.

Can we use a Golf Cart?

You can, but, since players hit the ball an average of 60 yards, walking provides a faster pace. During our tournaments we walk.

What about pace of play?

Playing as a 4some, 9 holes of FootGolf can be completed within one hour. There are times when the golf courses allow 5somes even 6somes, bringin a pace of play of 9 holes to one hour and 15 minutes.

Before going to the questions "About the Tour", check out this video about the Sport! 

About the Tour...

How long does the season last?

Our season goes from Sunday April 11th to Aug 8th. 

How many tournaments do we play per season?

We play a total of 9 Two-round Tournament and a total of 3 Four-round Major Tournaments guaranteed to every team. The Tour Championship is only available to the top half teams of the season. 

How many players on team per Tournament?

We encourage teams to register 4 players on the roster, however, only 3 players compete on each tournament. But the extra player on each team can come in handy when one of your elite players is out of town or unable to play on a certain date. Finally, we consider a limit of 12 teams for a season.

Are there tee times for tournaments?

The only tournaments that use tee times are Major Tournaments. The rest are played by Shotgun.


How many holes per round?

We consider 9 holes to be one round of FootGolf. All of our tournaments have a minimum of 2 rounds.

Do we have different player categories?

We have a 100 % coed approach. All genders and ages (over 15) can join our official tournaments. Everyone has a chance to compete in the same category. 

How do the Standings work?

Every week we record the individual results of players and teams to provide statistics and points to the results of each competition. At the end of the year we consider those stats to come up with the eligible teams that will compete on the Tour Championship.


Why teams and how does the score work?

Every team has three players competing. Each player must finalize the hole while keeping their individual scores. The team score of that hole is formed by the best and worst scores. Example, Pedro scores a 4, Tom scores a 2 and Charly scores a 5, these guys would record on their scorecard a 2 and a 7, as their Low and High scores. At the end of the round, we average both results to come up with a result of the round. As you can see, all team members must be focus while competing because any high score can truly damage their results. 

Why is it call a Tour?

Because we treat you like Tour players must be treated. Always water, soda and snacks included on all tournaments. Trophies are awarded to the winning team on each of the 9 tournaments played during the season. Tour players are dressed up with nice uniforms. We keep your tournament stats and display them on our website. We promote on our Social Media the performance of all our Tour Players. On the 3 Major Tournaments of the season the top 3 teams receive cash prizes. We give a true Tour Experience. Everything included on your Season Fee.

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